Made for fun.

3D, Unity2020

Vapor Vaders

Made a recreation of the classic Space Invaders game — but with vaporwave aesthetics. I used Unity and C#. You can play it here! Use the spacebar to shoot bullets.

3D, Unity2020


Made a simple Pong game with Unity and C#. You can play it here! Use the arrow keys and "w" and "s" to move the paddles.

AR, Unity2019


Built a simple AR prototype that detects paintings and shows information about the painting. Made with Unity and Vuforia.

Data visualization2018

Is the tech industry sexist?

Designed & developed a data visualization website with d3.js and data we found and cleaned. Worked in a team of two.

Data Visualization2018

Census Visualization: Education in the U.S.

Built a website that visualizes census data. Worked in a team of 4. I designed the webpage and took ownership of designing and implementing the first graph.


Labors of Hercules

Made a platform game with Unity and C#, inspired by ancient greek art.

motion graphic2017

Yippie Ki-yay

Made a kinetic typography lyric video with AfterEffects and Cinema4D.

3D2017 - 2021

3D Art

Some 3d scenes I made with different 3D tools. (Spline and Cinema4D)

Creative coding2018

Generated landscape

A landscape generated with p5.js. You can view it in full screen here.

Branding, illustration2018

Danse Macabre

Brand identity design for an imaginary cocktail bar


Café Deliciae

Brand identity design for an imaginary café

Visual system2018


A series of collage artwork made into a visual calendar. Made with Photoshop.



A collection of random illustrations that I posted on Dribbble.